Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Join in St Ives Feast in Cornwall on 6th and 7th February

Stay in a cottage in far west Cornwall from Saturday 5th February and join in the fun at St Ives Feast. On the 6th, a spectacular parade weaves through the cobbled streets with musicians, local residents and children wearing ivy in remembrance of St Eia, the patron saint of St Ives, who is said to have travelled to Cornwall from Ireland on a boat of ivy. 

The Feast Day on 7th February features a unique tradition - Hurling of the Silver Ball or Cornish Hurling when contestants try to keep possession of a small wooden ball coated in silver.

Within easy walking distance of the festivities, but in a quiet no through road, is this stylish modern house for six priced at £324 for the week.  

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