Monday, 16 May 2011

Helpful fund raising for the Marine Conservation Society

As we mentioned earlier on this blog, Helpful Holidays has chosen the Marine Conservation Society as its charity for 2011. As part of this initiative we’re delighted to be working with Catherine Forshall, a gifted and highly regarded painter, to raise funds for the important work of MCS.

Catherine has been invited to produce five signed, limited edition prints to be sold on an exclusive basis by the Marine Conservation Society. The prints can be viewed, together with several of Catherine’s original paintings, at the Monks Withecombe Gallery, one mile outside Chagford, and purchased from Catherine's website.

Catherine is donating 50% of the value of her print sales to the Marine Conservation Society, and says, “I have always felt that the sea is part of me. I think of the sea as this huge benign nurturing force, a source of food and energy, refreshing and invigorating. I don't want it to be poisoned for our children. That’s why I support the Marine Conservation Society. I think the work they do, raising public awareness, getting parts of our sea around Britain fully protected, improving the cleanliness of our beaches, and supporting sustainable fishing policies- is fantastic.”  

You can make a donation to MCS when you book a holiday through Helpful Holidays. All funds raised will go towards the protection of our glorious and vulnerable coastline and the preservation of the marine environment.