Thursday, 16 June 2011

Helpful cricket sponsorship for Chagford’s youth section...

We're delighted to be sponsoring the youth section of Chagford Cricket Club for the next five years.

Moray Bowater, our General Manager, says, “Thanks to the energy and commitment of many people in Chagford, we have a cricket pitch and pavilion which would be remarkable anywhere; for a town as small as Chagford to have such an outstanding facility is truly wonderful.”

Chris Mount, Cricket Youth Development Officer for Chagford Cricket Club, adds, “We’re aiming to take cricket into local schools to broaden participation in the game and involve more local children. Chagford Cricket Club is paying for coaches to go to Chagford Primary School, and then to North Tawton and South Tawton Primary Schools. The idea is to give the children a chance to play the game. If they enjoy playing cricket, they can come to the Chagford cricket ground to develop their skills in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment. With parental involvement and support, this project will be able to provide a tremendous opportunity and benefit to children in the area. We need drivers, sandwich makers, fund raisers and assistant coaches, and will find a role for anyone who’d like to take part!”

The first practice sessions of the season have got off to a great start with around 40 children taking part.

It was the Dartmoor Inter-Primary Schools Cricket Cup tournament on Tuesday and, blessed with a beautiful sunny day, we went down to the ground to watch 60 energetic youngsters having fun and showing competitive spirit. Well done to the Chagford Primary School team who won the cup!

We'll be avidly following their progress during the season and looking forward to some summer evenings lazing in front of the pavilion...

If you’d like to find out more about the cricket initiative, please call Chris Mount on 07703 542697.

If you're staying in one of our holiday cottages in Chagford, check the fixtures and pop down, you'll be made very welcome.