Thursday, 9 June 2011

What are your helpful hints for a happy holiday?

Here at Helpful Holidays, we do all we can to make sure you have happy holidays by helping you choose just the right place to stay, in a location where you can do the things you enjoy - and absolutely delivering on the expectations we raise. 

But what are your tips for a happy holiday? From the essential items you always pack to the fastest way you’ve found to unwind once you arrive - we'd love to hear your helpful hints, passed down through generations or picked up after years of self catering.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

- Turn the batteries around in your torch before you pack it so that if it accidentally gets turned on, you won't run out of power.

- Double up and use a small drinks cooler as a toiletry bag. Once you’ve arrived, unload your toiletries and it’s ready to take your drinks to the beach.

- Hang creased clothes in a steamy shower room. Once clothing is slightly damp, give it a couple of sharp shakes and pull into shape.

We're sure you'll have lots of better hints, so tweet them to @helpfulholidays, post them on our Facebook page, or add a comment on this blog. We look forward to collating and sharing the best ones!