Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Countdown to Devon Open Studios 2011…

As part of our sponsorship of Devon Open Studios we’re supporting five impressive artists as part of their Emerging Artist Bursary Scheme. We’ve already profiled Kirstie Benbow, Melanie Beer and Amy McCarthy – here we take a look at Nigel Waters and Francesca Dawson.

Nigel Waters is a painter working within the mediums of painting and photography. Interested in modern British and American culture from 1950 to the present, he describes his sculptural paintings as “a creative response to a setting using partly observed and partly automatic mark making.”

Nigel works with people with disabilities and his work reflects his interest in the tactile nature of art as a multi-dimensional impression rather than the conventional visual format.

“These visual perceptions include light, colour, overlayed forms and peripheral reflections which altogether create a complex multi-layered image.”

The bursary will enable Nigel to put on an exhibition to generate sales and this in turn will fund his next body of work. He would also like to further develop his skills by taking an MA at art college. See Nigel talking about his work and winning the bursary on YouTube.

Nigel’s work can be seen at Exeter Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QB.

Francesca Dawson (L) with Helen Hayes from Helpful Holidays
Francesca Dawson graduated with a first class BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2007 and currently manages an art gallery (Gloss) in Exeter and creates her work in her spare time. Her passion is for drawing, and she is currently producing a series of pieces influenced by a selection of the Grimm’s fairytales including The Seven Ravens and The Fox and the Wolf.

She explains: “I have used the traditional characters as inspiration and have adapted them to suit a contemporary audience as I believe their stories have a universal appeal.”

Francesca is also greatly inspired by fashion photography and illustration which is evident in the female characters she portrays. Her work conveys a juxtaposition between beauty and subtle macabre, through visual narratives using various drawing and mixed media.

The critical feedback that she hopes to receive from the visitors to her show will help her develop as an exhibiting artist and the bursary will be a great help towards the cost of hosting her exhibition. See Francesca talking about her work and winning the bursary on YouTube.

Francesca’s work can be seen at The Granary, Oxton, Kenton, Exeter, EX6 8EX.

If you’re in Exeter on 1st September, it’s well worth attending the launch of Devon Open Studios 2011 at Exeter Northcott Theatre. See details below:

Running from 3rd to 18th September, Devon Open Studios is a great opportunity to meet and chat with artists and see the creative process first hand.

A free event guide is available by post or online showing all the artists and venues, colour coded by area, so you can plan a tour of the studios that interest you. And if you need a place to stay, take a look at our holiday cottages in Devon available during the event.

You can also link up with Devon Open Studios on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.