Thursday, 30 May 2013

Our view of the Fal River Festival

Helen, Moray, Caroline and Jess
Our Website Development Manager Caroline Kershaw and several other HH staff were at the opening day of the Fal River Festival - when a beer fleet gathers to take the festival beer down to Events Square in Falmouth, site for many of the events during the week (we are a sponsor of the 10-day festival which closes this Sunday). Here's Caroline's account of the day:

It was a cheerful, if a little daunting, drive down to Falmouth last Friday for the Fal River Festival as our car was much buffeted by the strong wind blowing that afternoon. The net result was a certain nervous anticipation amidst the crew as we headed to join the beer fleet voyaging down the river Fal to deliver the beer for the festival’s opening ceremony.

However, on arrival our fears were allayed and we found the voyage to be fairly smooth after all as the boat kept quite close inshore, ensuring lovely views of all the creeks, inlets and houses along the shoreline.

Once on board we enjoyed a much needed pasty and some free festival ale. All passengers and crew were thoroughly entertained by the antics of Betty Stoggs (Skinners Brewers ‘Mascot’, pictured right) posing for photographs up on the bow of the neighbouring boat which carried the festival beer.

The views were stunning – we really do live in a lovely part of the world. We were joined by a fleet of small boats, and there was plenty of action to watch. People from each boat waved to one another and there was some very rowdy singing from Betty Stoggs's boat! A boat full of drummers passed us and led the way down the river, while we were escorted by tug boats that sprayed water out in big, sweeping arcs. As we approached Falmouth, fog horns welcomed us into the harbour.

We all followed Betty Stoggs, the beer, the drummers and lots of flag bearers through the town in one long procession, passing under flags and bunting as we went. Finally we arrived at festival square where the Festival was officially opened and we enjoyed some more beer and live samba music. An excellent if chilly day but certainly an experience to remember for many years to come.