Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Our quarterly catch up with Gorgs Geikie

As readers of this blog will know, Helpful Holidays sponsors Georgina (Gorgs) Geikie, British number one ladies pistol shooter. We have sponsored Gorgs for the past four years, and are continuing to help in her bid for Commonwealth gold next year.

In amongst all that training and competing, Gorgs is busy building her own business. We spoke to Gorgs to find out more…

Since the Olympics I’ve enjoyed a bit of downtime, so have taken the opportunity to rejig a few things so I can focus on fundraising and earning some money to support me through my ongoing training. I set up my own business offering support and mentoring to schools and young people, to help them achieve more and reach their potential.

I give talks and presentations focusing on the psychology behind peak performance and how to handle pressure – a lot of schoolchildren are under pressure to achieve high grades and exam results, so it’s really relevant.

I also talk to them about achieving a good life balance, how to goal-set, how to solve a problem. I do my best to show what has helped me over the years and pass on what I have learned.

I’ve had a really positive reaction to my talks, and the kids have seemed to enjoy hearing my stories of hard work and achievement.  Teachers have commented that my talks have given added meaning to their lesson content, as I’m a real-life example.

I enjoy speaking to young people, and I find the work of teachers especially inspiring, so it’s something I’m really pleased to be doing. Growing up I was always inspired by my teachers, so I have an appreciation for the pressure children are under, and understand where they are at and where they want to be.

I'm very grateful to all at Helpful Holidays for your continued support as I follow my dream to compete at the highest level. I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

To find out more about Gorgs’ company G4G Pursuits Ltd, visit Gorgs’ website or follow her on Twitter.