Wednesday, 29 October 2014

2014 Poetry Competition Winner

We have a winner for our poetry competition - a lovely poem inspired by a family holiday in one of our cottages in Cornwall - Apple Cottage in Tregadillett (pictured above).

Sophie Crouchman penned this ode to her daughter Evelyn, who was 7 months old at the time and was embarking on her first holiday.

Sophie, who wins HH vouchers worth £400, said: "We all had a wonderful time and have lots of fond memories which will stay with us forever. We've stayed in the West Country twice before with Helpful holidays and on the way back from Cornwall this year I reflected on the differences between those holidays and our holiday with Evelyn - which is what the poem is all about!"

Here's the poem in it's entirety:

Last year we went on lots of walks,
Through craggy paths & wooded valleys.
This year we had to stay on paths,
And watch out for cobbled alleys.
Last year we ate out every night,
At bistros, pubs and bars.
This year we packed the car to the brim, With your baby food in jars.
Last year we packed our favourite clothes, Our suitcase over full.
This year we packed your tiny socks,
And lots of cotton wool.
Last year we slept in every day,
Waking up in time for brunch.
This year you're up all night long,
And we're tired out by lunch.
Last year we loved our cottage,
Quirky nooks & steep of stair.
This year we loved another place,
Spacious, with cot & high chair.
Last year the only thing of note was my tiny rounded tum,
This year everything has changed, Because I'm now your mum.

Next year we'll hold another competition - watch this space for news!